Out of State with an Ignition Interlock?

out-of-state-ignition-interlockAn ignition interlock is a great way to keep driving after you’ve been convicted of a DUI. Since you’re able to drive, you can easily be in a situation where you’re outside of your home state. That’s okay, your ignition interlock isn’t there to keep you local, but, it is still there to keep you sober when driving… no matter which roads you’re driving on.

Whether you’re driving out of state for work, or for personal reasons, you are still required to test your breath as normal. Anytime you don’t test, the device will work the very same way it does in your own driveway: your car won’t start. If you get a prompt for a rolling re-test as you cross a state line, you still have to blow into the device to keep yourself in compliance.

If you live in one state but you were convicted of a DUI in another state and have an ignition interlock requirement, you still have to have the device installed. States share information about drunk driving convictions and/or license suspensions and restrictions, so if you’re required to have an interlock in one state, you can bet your home state will be informed. The good news is that there are ignition interlock service providers across the country that can help coordinate an out-of-state interlock requirement so you are able to get back on the road to a better future.

An ignition interlock requirement is a responsibility that helps you recover after a DUI. No matter how far you drive or where you may have gotten your conviction, your top priority should always be to remain compliant and never drive if you’ve been drinking.

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