Dyess Airmen DUI Changes

Across the U.S., military bases are tackling problems with drinking and driving, giving our soldiers less leeway when it comes to committing crimes and putting innocent lives in danger. Bigcountryhomepage.com reports that at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, new consequences for DUI charges are being implemented. These new consequences are include some of the strictest military punishments, such as courts martialing, as well as a felony conviction, possibility of jail time, and more. Read more here: Dyess Outlines Tougher Consequences for DUI On Base

Texas Roadside DUI Blood Draw Law

People who driving under the influence of alcohol in Texas may have a new deterrent for getting behind the wheel after drinking. According to a recent press release on Digital Journal written by a Texas attorney, this new law will allow paramedics to draw blood of DUI suspects on the scene of a suspected DUI incident or accident. While this new law goes into effect on September 1, 2013, more DUI suspects will have blood samples that are drawn by paramedics and submitted to determine the level of alcohol in the suspect’s blood. However, not all Texas residents feel the new law will benefit the state. Read more here: Paramedics Now Authorized to Take DWI Blood Samples; Dallas DUI Attorney Calls Loosening Standards a Step in the Wrong Direction



The Reality of Drinking and Driving

For many, understanding the tragedy of a loved one’s death that resulted from a drunk driving accident is impossible. In Texas, however, the reality of drinking and driving has been shown to residents through a touching display. Cypress Creek Mirror reports that a memorial to the 1,170 people killed by a drunk driver in Texas in 2012 was on display over the Independence Day holiday weekend. This memorial included flags with photos of the victims, as well as a vehicle that was totaled by one of the accidents in 2013. Read more here: Illustrating the human cost of drunken driving in Texas


Texas is #1 in Alcohol-Related Fatalities

The rates of DWI fatalities in Texas is the highest in the country, prompting those affected by such tragedies to question why. Khou.com reports that with the most recent statistics released by the NHTSA, Texas not only has the highest rate of DWI-related deaths, but, that number is almost double when compared to second-rank California. Additionally, over the past five years, the decrease in Texas fatalities attributed to drinking and driving has only dropped by 120 incidents, causing residents to question law enforcement response. Read more here: It’s families losing the most as Texas leads nation in DWI deaths

M.A.D.D. Wants Texas DUI Law Changed

With 1,213 drunken-driving deaths in 2011, Texas has the highest rate of drunk driving related deaths in the country, making it the latest focus for changes to DWI laws. NBCDFW.com reports that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) is proposing tougher restrictions of all DWI offenders, including first-time offenders, in Texas. The mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices for those convicted of drunk driving charges can help curb injuries and fatalities, allowing for safer roads and better choices when it comes to drinking and driving in Texas. Read more here: MADD Proposes Interlock Devices for First-Time DWI Offenders


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