Technology Takes on Missouri DWI Drivers… and Wins

Missouri DWI technology is saving livesSpringfield, Missouri DWI numbers are down this year, giving the rest of the state hope for a better year for drunk driving prevention. This reduction in numbers is being credited to the rideshare service Uber, one of our favorite ways to get home safely, too. Realistically, Uber would be nothing without people who are willing to pull out those smartphones and order a safe ride home. Congratulations to Springfield residents who are taking advantage of the technology available to get home safely.

In cities where Uber isn’t available (or it was, and then it wasn’t), the ease of finding that safe ride home declines, but it isn’t impossible. In Austin, one of those cities in which Uber and Lyft were both active until the services were pulled in 2016, local rideshare services are picking up where the big ones left off. The importance is not in the name of the company, but that people are using their best judgment and not risking a Missouri DWI, an Austin DWI or any kind of drunk driving incident when other options are available.

For a first-offense Missouri DWI, offenders face strict penalties in court and through the Missouri Department of Revenue. There are court costs and fines, as well as a mandatory ignition interlock requirement through the court. However, the MV/DL allows you to install the interlock rather than wait out the suspension time until you get to court. That way, you can keep driving as normal, while proving you are sober behind the wheel.

Technology is quickly picking up where intoxicated judgment leaves off, preventing new Missouri DWI problems each day. Whether you rely on your smartphone to help you get home when you’ve been drinking, or you are faced with an ignition interlock requirement from a previous DWI, those little gadgets are priceless in this fight to keep all streets safe.

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