Kids These Days, Preventing Colorado DUI Driving

Colorado DUI prevention developed by teenagersIf you are a parent, or just an adult with eyes, you’ve probably made some sort of “get off my lawn” comment about teenagers and their smartphones. We get it. We grew up without seat belts and staying outside until the street lights came on. Today’s kids have different challenges and better tools to get around those challenges. No more boredom waiting for appetizers to be served, or time wasted staring at the giant TV screen, right? Actually, some of those pesky kids are doing some great things while staring at those tiny screens: preventing Colorado DUI disasters.

Not only did these two Colorado teens invent an app to help reduce Colorado DUIs, they also got to the heart of the problem for many DUI drivers: leaving their car at the scene of their intoxication. Research shows that for many, leaving their vehicle at a bar or restaurant is one of the biggest reasons they will opt to drive home themselves. Intoxicated judgment says that it will be a hassle to come back and get their car the next day, and it’s just a few miles away or they’ll take the back roads. Intoxicated reality says that’s a definite DUI disaster waiting to happen, with an ignition interlock device as the best case scenario. By pairing up (armed with a smartphone), this duo is getting Colorado DUI drivers home safely, and their vehicles, too.

Say what you want about those smartphone-staring teens, you gotta hand it to these two for using that neck-cranking stare for good, not evil. Not only is technology becoming one of the strongest tools in the battle against drunk driving, but it is also empowering our youth to make a difference, too. Colorado DUI prevention isn’t just up to law enforcement, but to anyone who can step up and give people safe options. When we all work together, we can make a big difference in lives, even in the lives of people we may never meet.

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