There is No Getting Around Colorado Implied Consent Laws

Colorado Implied ConsentGetting your driver’s license was probably one of the biggest milestones in your life. In exchange for a few signatures, a road test and written test, and a lot of practice, you gained your freedom to drive legally. Do you remember exactly what you signed as you went through the steps to get your license? You agreed to the Colorado implied consent law, often referred to as the express consent law.

All 50 states have implied consent laws like those in Colorado

Colorado implied consent or express consent laws are what you are faced with if and when you are pulled over by law enforcement, suspected of drinking and driving. These laws allow an officer with probable cause to screen you for any alcohol or drug influence, including breathalyzer and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) testing. If and when you are pulled over and asked to blow into a police breathalyzer, you actually already agreed to the test. If you refuse to blow at that time, you are in violation of the Colorado implied consent laws and will face additional penalties, including a possible ignition interlock requirement.

On top of that, you will likely be investigated further for possible DUI or other drunk driving charges, after which you will have no choice but to submit a BAC sample… at the police station.

Colorado implied consent laws keep the streets safe from drunk drivers, even those who may not actually have a BAC reading above the per se limit. If there is enough evidence without hitting that number, like refusing the BAC test, you could still be convicted of a DUI or DWAI. Keeping yourself out of trouble means keeping all others safe on the roads you are driving on. You already agreed to the BAC testing back when you got your license, so you may as well follow through and only drive when you are safe and sober.

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