Weird DUI Excuses: How to (NOT) Get Out of a DUI

get out of a DUILaw enforcement officers have it tough, especially when it comes to tracking down drunk drivers. If you can imagine a day filled with trying to interpret what these men and women are actually saying through slurred speech and indignant attitudes, it is probably enough to make an officer want to drink alongside their suspects. As such, we want to make our police friends’ lives a little easier by listing off a few reasons you should not use to get out of a DUI.

  1. I only had one drink. One drink is rarely enough to cause an officer to suspect you for drunk driving. One drink, plus a few other drinks in a short period of time is actually how your claim of one tiny, itty bitty drink is being translated. Plus, once you blow into a breathalyzer your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will bust your claim.
  2. I’m a better driver after a few beers. We are better karaoke singers, entrepreneurs, and life coaches after a few beers, too. Because alcohol reduces our inhibitions, allowing us the false sense of security that we are better at doing all the things because alcohol says we are. Alcohol lies, and you’re not a better driver, otherwise, you wouldn’t be questioned about why you are driving dangerously.
  3. I didn’t want to leave my car. Well, yes, logistically, leaving your car at a bar or restaurant means you have to make an additional trip to get it back the next day when you are sober so that you don’t hurt anyone on your way home. Police officers totally get why you are putting efficiency way ahead of public safety concerns.

The only way to get out of a DUI is to stay sober when driving.

Sober driving requires no excuses to law enforcement, a judge or anyone else who may be affected by your drunk driving. You don’t have to worry about ways to get out of a DUI, a criminal conviction, ignition interlock requirement or any of that hassle.

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