Those Missouri Ignition Interlock Violations Will Cost You

missouri-ignition-interlock-violations-cost-youThe Missouri ignition interlock program is committed to keeping drunk drivers from making another intoxicated mistake. Unfortunately, not all DWI drivers are as committed to safe driving, even with an interlock device. Instead, they risk Missouri ignition interlock violations for trying to get out of their court- or DMV-ordered requirement. The penalties and consequences for those violations just show how much Missouri wants you to get done with your device and be a safer driver once it is removed.

Risking Missouri ignition interlock violations means that you may have:

  • Violated the Missouri ignition interlock laws by not using the device installed on your vehicle. Either you used another vehicle you owned that was not equipped with the device or you borrowed someone’s vehicle.
  • In some cases, refusing a test may happen during a rolling retest, or while the vehicle is being driven. If this was unintentional, you should have an opportunity to test once you are out of traffic. Not testing once you are in a safe place will then be considered a violation.
  • You blew a test result that was over the pre-set limit, indicating you have been drinking and attempted to drive.
  • Missing a service appointment is one of the Missouri ignition interlock violations

In most cases, these violations will add a mandatory six-month extension of the interlock requirement onto your current court order. In other cases, you could be removed from your interlock program or even face jail time. If your BAC is reportable, then you could face additional drunk driving charges and the penalties for those.

Remember that despite the influence of alcohol, you made a choice to drive while intoxicated. With an ignition interlock device, you face similar choices when you start your vehicle. Risking Missouri ignition interlock violations is more hassle than it is worth, and discovering that the hard way should never be a part of your recovery after a DWI.

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