Who Can Install an Ignition Interlock Device?

Not everyone sees an ignition interlock device as a bad thing. In fact, more parents, caregivers and employers are installing the devices on vehicles than ever before. Why? Because there’s no better way to ensure that the people driving their cars are sober while doing so. The biggest confusion that parents and employers face in this case is how to get an interlock device installed when there’s no court or DMV requirement in place.

Fortunately, anyone can have an ignition interlock device installed. Just don’t try it at home, kids.

To install your ignition interlock device, trust the professionals. Court-approved ignition interlock service providers are trained in the best way to get the interlock on your vehicle, as well as the procedures for maintenance, calibration and data reporting. In exchange for that expertise, the vehicle owner is insured that no damage will occur in the process and that the most accurate picture of driving will be available. It’s a big win for everyone, especially when you think about the ways an installation can go awry with the wrong equipment or level of technical knowledge.

As an employer or parent who is looking to keep vehicles and people safe from the damage of intoxicated drivers, it only makes sense to trust those who are already held in such high esteem by the court system. Not only that, but those same providers are bound to use equipment that meets or exceeds federal guidelines for criminal drunk drivers, adding an additional layer of security for anyone considering a voluntary ignition interlock installation. There are other devices that can screen for drunk drivers, but the reliability is questionable and that is probably the last place you want to question the device or person you’re trusting to keep the person driving your vehicle sober while doing so.

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