No Underage Drinking and No Free Ride in Nebraska

Nebraska underage drinking no free rideIf you’re a Nebraskan, you have likely heard of “No Free Ride” already. For the rest of us, “No Free Ride” is an education awareness campaign about the dangers of giving alcohol to minors and the penalties associated with underage drinking. If a minor receives alcohol from an adult and drives and then manages to injure someone or kill them in the process, the adult will be held legally responsible for the minor’s actions. In addition to any civil lawsuits, that adult may be fined or even spend a year in jail due to negligence. 

In Nebraska, there is a zero tolerance law regarding anyone under 21. This meaning any minor with a BAC of 0.02% or above/ 210 liters of breath cannot drive or operate any vehicle legally. There are also rules against refusing a chemical blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test if pulled over. If the minor refuses the testing, they will be immediately detained and have their license revoked on the spot. That’s in addition to any criminal DUI charges they face, as well as underage drinking charges or aggravating circumstances.

Minors may be eligible for a suspended license and ignition interlock system in order to get to and from a place of work and at their place of employment. 

Drinking and driving at a young age on top of inexperienced driving is just a recipe for disaster. Education is the best bet to keep the streets safe from all drunk drivers, but when it comes to minors, there are more ways to reach into the minds of our youth and emphasize the dangers of underage drinking and driving. For adults, the “No Free Ride” campaign is a truth that can be understood without having to experience the consequences of a kid’s action. Sober driving requires we all work together and keep the alcohol out of the hands of those who can cause harm to others.

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