Yes, You Need a Nebraska Ignition Interlock if…

Nebraska ignition interlock rulesConsidering the different stances states take against drunk driving, knowing the ropes is important before you head out a night on the town. A Nebraska ignition interlock may be in your future if you don’t have a plan to get home safely when you’ve been drinking. The state requires the devices for all criminal DUI offenses where your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measures at or above .08 percent. However, there are additional reasons you may need a Nebraska ignition interlock device, too.

BAC may be the number one factor in the courtroom, at least where your DUI conviction and interlock requirement are concerned. However, you still have an administrative requirement for the device from the DMV in your future. That requirement is actually a way for you to quickly retain your ability to drive after a first-offense DUI charge, instead of an immediate license suspension through the DMV. If you opt to install a device, you can waive your DMV hearing and suspension, proving you have taken the iniative for safe driving and that you don’t intend to ever make the same DUI mistake again.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a proponent of these types of administrative license “workarounds,” as they quickly get an accused drunk driver back on the road, while maintaining safe driving habits. States like Missouri and Texas also allow you to immediately drive your own vehicle again, provided you have an approved ignition interlock device installed. With MADD’s help, we can see all states using the same tactic to keep people driving, while protecting others from the dangers of drunk drivers.

As drunk driving laws continue to rely more on the protection of interlocks, we’re seeing safer streets and lives that are less affected by a license suspension. You might not want a Nebraska ignition interlock device, but the benefits of opting for one

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