Your First Iowa OWI is a Big Deal

first offense Iowa OWINobody sets out to be a drunk driver, but each day people still find themselves in trouble for operating while intoxicated. An Iowa OWI is no walk in the park. A first offense may not have life-shaking penalties, but it is designed to ensure you think twice before you head out for a night of drinking.

Iowa OWI law says it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in Iowa under the following conditions:

  • While under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, drugs or a combination of both substances.
  • While having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or more.
  • While having any amount of a drug, intoxicating substance or controlled substance in one’s body.

First offense Iowa OWI consequences include:

  • Misdemeanor criminal record.
  • Up to one hear in jail, 48 hours minimum.
  • Up to $1,250 in fines.
  • Possible community service.
  • Enrollment in a substance abuse evaluation and treatment program.

One thing that could make all the difference in moving past your Iowa OWI is qualifying for a restricted driver’s license by installing an ignition interlock device. The state does not require interlocks for a first offense OWI, but you do have the option to install the device after serving 90 days of your license suspension.

There is one easy solution to avoiding all of the trouble that goes along with a first offense Iowa OWI. If you know you will be drinking, then you can make a plan for a safe ride home as part of your celebration. It takes only a few minutes to get your ride in place, and when you wake up the next day, safely in your own bed, you’ll be a lot happier for taking that time.

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