5 Consequences for Ignition Interlock Violations

Ignition interlock violationsIf you have an ignition interlock, you’re probably ready to just do your time with the device and get on with your life. Since your service provider has trained you how to use the device, you already know that it can only be removed in two ways: your “record” is clean at the end of your time requirement, or, you’ve racked up enough violations for your license to be revoked. One of those is the preferred method, of course, and the other is just one of several consequences for ignition interlock violations.

Ignition interlock violations present in different variations. You could have a violation for not driving enough, raising suspicions about you driving a car without an interlock. Or, you could get a violation for not making your service appointments. Of course, a breath sample that is over the allowed amount is a violation – why even have an ignition interlock if you’re going to attempt to drive under the influence of alcohol?

Depending on the violation and/or the number of violations that are recorded, you could face:

  • A longer commitment to the ignition interlock device.
  • More financial penalties, either from the court, DMV and/or your service provider.
  • A citation for contempt of court.
  • Another DUI or drunk driving charge.

Since you’ve already been through the process of a drunk driving conviction, you know your future and freedom depends on your compliance with your ignition interlock device. The good news is that you already have all the tools you need to ride out your time with the device – you just need to be sober each time you start your car and while you’re driving. Then you get to look forward to regaining your freedom to live your life as you please, without the device, the stress of any ignition interlock violations, or any future drunk driving problems.

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