Another Year Older, Another DUI Excuse

another DUI excuseYou can use many excuses as a reason to drink, and most people do. But since the all-important 21st birthday, there has never been an excuse used more often than, “It’s my birthday!” Of course we want to celebrate our birthdays and other important holidays, but each year we grow older and wiser, and that means taking responsibility for our impaired choices.

All year long we find reasons to drink. From the explosive and often drunken start of the New Year to the often volatile and drunken end of the year, Christmas, we find many reasons to imbibe. Celebrations of anniversaries and weddings are all events that feature alcohol. Painting and yoga classes offer alcohol these days. The prevalence of alcohol in all aspects of our lives is still not a DUI excuse. The worst thing you can do after one of these admittedly fun events is getting behind the wheel of a car.

If you get pulled over on your way home or to the next gathering, the worst thing you can do is try to excuse your actions. “I only had a few during the reception” is not an acceptable DUI excuse. Designated drivers are not just for a night spent bar hopping, they are important for any event where alcohol will be present. This includes most sporting events, where “my team lost” is a common DUI excuse that does not excuse any dangerous driving on your part.

No matter if you are attending a professional sporting event or your cousin’s bat mitzvah, if there is going to be alcohol present make sure you have a designated driver or the number to a local cab company to get you home. Imagine yourself trying to explain why you were driving under the influence to your family, friends, or to a courtroom judge, and then make the right decision to avoid that inexcusable behavior. There are no acceptable DUI excuses, just more people living their lives with regret, an ignition interlock device, and a commitment to only driving while sober in the future.

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