The Average Cost of an Ignition Interlock Device is Less Than You May Think

ignition interlock cost

Since an ignition interlock device (IID) is an alternative to having a suspended driver’s license or spending time in jail, the cost of the device is rarely measured in the actual financial burden placed on the drunk driver. The option to install an IID gives everyone the peace of mind of a sober driver behind the wheel, and any offender with an IID can still hold down a job, drive to medical appointments, and live life as normally as possible. But, there are still fees and costs attached to the ignition interlock device, a “burden” that is placed on anyone who is allowed the option to keep driving after a DUI conviction.

Each state in the U.S. has some type of law or regulations in place to allow an ignition interlock installation, so costs will vary depending on where a person resides. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reports that the average costs of an ignition interlock device range from $70-150 for installation, and $60-80 per month for maintenance. A quick search online for your state’s IID program will give you a better idea of your costs, as well as information for service providers and income-sensitive options. For instance, ignition interlock costs in Florida can run $70 for installation, $67.50 for monthly monitoring and calibration.

Ignition interlock devices ultimately save everyone money through preventing further drunk driving occurrences, and eliminating the chance of future property damage, accidents or injuries as a result of too many beers at a bar. For a few dollars a day, less than the cost of a “happy hour” with friends, you are able to keep your life together while ensuring other drivers on the road of your sobriety. When it comes to the costs of a drunk driving accident, an ignition interlock device helps keep you employed, on the road, and still sober. That seems like a pretty great bargain for everyone.


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