How to Avoid a DUI: Pocket Breathalyzer Life Hack

Pocket breathalyzers are cool and can save livesWe all love those videos and blogs that tell us how to do things a lot easier and better. We may never actually follow the life hacks, but why not spend 30 minutes learning more efficient ways to hang a toothbrush or sort our socks. Heck, we can even see what’s out there to make sure we’re being as safe as possible when we’re out with friends, like a perfect method to ensure we’re not over the limit if we’ll be driving. While we’re thinking about it, have you seen those pocket breathalyzers that help you avoid a DUI?

We have, and a good quality pocket breathalyzer really will help keep you from getting behind the wheel if you’ve had too much to drink.

You may have noticed that when you’re out with friends and you’re drinking, it can become a little difficult to keep your math mind intact. The rule of one drink per hour – the number you need to keep in mind to be safe on the road – gets a little fuzzy as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises. BAC math is difficult once your buzz starts, because you lose track of time or might forget those shots you shared.

So when you pull out a pocket breathalyzer, you know you’ll be right on the BAC math money… and that you may have to find a ride home. At least you know, and your pocket breathalyzer life hack actually becomes a lifesaving hack.

Of course, anything that keeps you from drinking and driving is a lifesaving hack, whether you call a taxi or grab a designated driver before you head out for the night. But the possibilities with a pocket breathalyzer are endless, making it the perfect life hack for you when you’re out on the town and anyone else who wonders if they’re safe to drive home after drinking.

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