Blackout Wednesday: Your Holiday DUI Disaster

blackout wednesday disasterBlackout Wednesday. Thanksgiving Eve. The unofficial start of the holiday season, where we wait anxiously for family members to start arriving or head out to bars to start the holiday parties. Whether or not you are intentionally drinking to the point of blacking out, or just having a few more drinks than normal (it is a holiday, after all), keep in mind that the unofficial start of the holiday season is also the official start of holiday DUI arrests, convictions, and worse.

Drinking to the point of blacking out is not only dangerous on the roads. You could also find yourself waking up in the emergency room, or not waking up at all.

When we drink, we can stay at a relatively safe level if we limit ourselves to one standard drink (one serving of beer, wine or spirits) per hour. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to follow when you have an abundance of alcohol at hand, and no reason to go home early. Blackout Wednesday occurs at a time where most people are trying to get their drunk on, which leads to extreme binge drinking behaviors.

Binge drinking and Blackout Wednesday go together like peas and carrots.

The result is a person who has consumed more alcohol than can be processed in a safe amount of time. That means by the time those last three shots have hit, that person may be behind the wheel of a car or happily slipping into a coma.

While we tend to point out a consequence for too much drinking is a DUI, ignition interlock device, or a night in jail, it is vital to remember that a DUI is not the only consequence for overdoing it. When it comes to holiday traditions, perhaps Blackout Wednesday is one we can all agree is not exactly a feel-good family activity. Stay sober, stay safe, and stay alive this holiday season.

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