Weird DWI: Lawnmower Driving STILL Illegal

texas weird dwi lawnmowerOne would think that after all of these years, and all of these weird DWI headlines, that people would stop and realize that drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal. Oh, and that drinking and driving any type of vehicle is grounds for a DWI or other drunk driving charge. Even on a lawnmower. Even in Texas.

It isn’t a weird DWI if it keeps happening. What is weird is that this wasn’t even a DWI, it ended up as a public intoxication charge.

A Texas DWI charge requires two things: an intoxicated driver and a motorized vehicle. A lawnmower can be just as dangerous as a regular vehicle based solely on the idea that a person who has been drinking has pretty bad judgment. Their first mistake is thinking that it is okay to drive in that state of mind. The next mistake is assuming it is okay to drive a lawnmower because it isn’t a scary regular vehicle.

While there is not much danger of a high speed, head-on collision when driving a lawnmower while intoxicated, there are other dangers, including:

  • Flipping the lawnmower over, causing injury to the driver and potentially creating a hazard on the road.
  • If the lawnmower is actually on the road while the driver is driving it, it can be a hazard, too.
  • Lawnmowers have very large, sharp blades on them, and while that is not necessarily a driving hazard, it can be a problem for a person who is intoxicated and already making bad choices.
  • Really, the absurdity of this is a crime in itself. Don’t drink and drive ANYTHING.

Steering clear of a weird DWI or any type of drunk driving incident is pretty easy. If you know you will be drinking, have a plan for a safe ride home that does not include you driving anything. That includes lawnmowers, skateboard, and even your own two feet. You risk more than a night in jail, the frustration of court, a bruised ego, and the possibility of an ignition interlock requirement.

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