Should You Buy, Lease or Rent an Ignition Interlock?

Leasing an ignition interlock is your best betAn ignition interlock is a commitment to sober driving, whether you were ordered by the court to have one installed, have an administrative requirement by your DMV or are voluntarily making the choice for other reasons. There is also a financial commitment to the device, considering the cost of installation, data reporting, calibration and its installation that begs the question of the best way to pay for an interlock. Should you buy, lease or rent the device?

For a judicial or administrative ignition interlock requirement, your only choice is to lease the device from an approved service provider. Your ignition interlock device, in these cases, must meet or exceed federal guidelines and you want the most accurate data reporting possible so that your experience with the device goes smoothly.

If you are voluntarily installing the device, you don’t necessarily have the same restrictions as someone with a DUI-related interlock requirement. Installing an interlock on your car to protect your family gives you a little more room to shop around, and there are personal breathalyzer devices that you can buy. However, for the most accurate information, including evidence of tampering with the device or attempts to circumvent it, the state-approved interlocks are the best way to go.

Leasing an ignition interlock provides you with the best service and the best way to eliminate data errors that can increase a court-related time requirement. Plus, it is a condition of all states to use their approved programs and vendors when you are facing an interlock requirement as a result of a drunk driving conviction. Spending the time and energy to research ignition interlock service providers can assure you that the cost of the devices is well worth the investment – after all, you’re investing in safety and the sober roads we all deserve.

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