Can I Drive in New Mexico Without an Interlock?

new-mexico-no-interlockSince New Mexico has started requiring ignition interlock devices for DWI offenders, the number of repeat offenses has decreased significantly. Ignition interlocks work because they immobilize a DWI offender’s vehicle if alcohol is detected in their breath sample, and for most, that is enough to never attempt to drink and drive again. For others, however, an ignition interlock is more than a few extra minutes added to a drive, it is a reason to try other ways to get around town – like driving a vehicle that doesn’t have the device installed.

If you have an ignition interlock requirement in New Mexico, this is not a road you want to go down. Especially if you are looking forward to regaining your freedom to drive anytime soon. New Mexico does not look kindly on circumventing your ignition interlock requirement, and on top of your current DWI penalties, you will also:

  • Spend a week in jail, and maybe even an entire year.
  • Pay an extra $300, if not a full $1,000.
  • Add an additional year to your current license revocation period.
  • Lose your vehicle for 30 days.

None of that is worth driving a car without an ignition interlock. You probably already regret your DWI, just think about how much you will regret prolonging those consequences you already aren’t too happy to have.

You have plenty of choices to make after a DWI, but, driving without an ignition interlock should not be one of them. With each interlock test, you are proving your commitment to sober driving and keeping others on the road safe from a drunk driver. The payoff for your good behavior is that eventually, the ignition interlock requirement will end, and you will be a much safer and more responsible driver once that happens.

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