Failed Car Breathalyzer Consequences and Choosing to Drive Sober

Failed car breathalyzer consequencesIf you don’t use it, you could lose it. Your car breathalyzer, that is. Too many times, even after going through the experience of a drunk driving conviction, it can be hard to understand how seriously dangerous driving under the influence is. Not all drunk drivers end up hurting another person, so the impact of the event is more about the courts and community service than the realization that someone was seriously injured or worse. It is that same attitude that can make it difficult to understand how important it is to maintain sobriety when driving, especially when you have a car breathalyzer or ignition interlock requirement.

Failing your car breathalyzer test has a wide range of consequences, depending on your state and the type of violation. For example, if you continue to test above the set blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of your device, you could have your time commitment to the car breathalyzer extended. If you tamper with the device, you could be ordered to remove the device and your license could be revoked. Driving without a car breathalyzer could result in you spending time in jail. Since each state determines the consequences of any type of car breathalyzer failure, you never know what you’ll get if you refuse to follow the directive of the court.

It is safe to say that after a drunk driving conviction, you are entirely responsible for your actions. With a car breathalyzer, those actions could result in a failed test or the satisfaction of a completed rehabilitation program. Much like the choice that was made to drink and drive, each time you start you are prompted to use your car breathalyzer, you are making another decision to be sober when driving. That is the best way to steer clear of any consequences from a failed car breathalyzer test, and the best way to keep the streets safe for us all.

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