Can I Drive Another Car if I Have an Ignition Interlock?

Friends don't let friends drive without ignition interlock An ignition interlock device is a commitment to sober driving and a better life after a DUI, especially when you trust the process. We get that it can be frustrating, but there’s simply no easier way to get on with your life while proving you’ll never make another impaired mistake again. That also means that you have to drive your vehicle only when it is equipped with the interlock.

Can I drive a friend’s car? No, unless your state law explicitly states this is legal, you cannot borrow your friend’s car. The exception might be if that friend also has an ignition interlock. Even then, check with your probation officer or ignition interlock provider to be sure.

Can I rent a car? No, just no. Not one rental car company will allow you to drive their vehicles, as your driver’s license will clearly indicate your ignition interlock restriction. It is highly unlikely that those companies will install an interlock on a vehicle for you either.

Can I test drive a car? Nope. Much like renting a car, you’re going to have a tough time getting a dealership to install a “quickie” ignition interlock on their vehicles, just for a test drive. Plus, dealerships will also see your restriction on your license, and in some states, that could mean legal trouble for “knowingly allowing an interlock-restricted driver to drive a non-interlock equipped vehicle.”

What about at work? In some states, you can actually qualify for an employment exemption if you are required to drive a vehicle as a part of your normal duties. Check with your ignition interlock service provider for details.

Also, remember that not driving isn’t really an option when you have an ignition interlock on your vehicle. The device records more than just information about your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) as you drive, like the amount of starts and stops you make, how many miles you drive, how long you take to drive, etc. That information can be used to determine whether you are driving your interlock-equipped vehicle or perhaps driving a friend’s car instead.

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