Ignition Interlock Info: Can I Drink at Home?

drink at home with an ignition interlockSo you have an ignition interlock device in your life now, which gives you the freedom to drive. That also means you have a lot of responsibility to prove, which is kind of the point. Once you’ve settled into the routine with your device and new life, you may actually have more questions. In particular, you might be wondering what your limitations with alcohol are apart from driving.

You’re a grown-up, and make your own choices. An ignition interlock device doesn’t stop you from making a choice to drink. It does prevent you from drinking and driving. In most cases, you are okay to drink when you’re at home, or even if you’re out and about. In either case, you should not have any plans to drive until you’re sure you are sober.

Any amount of alcohol you consume can be recorded by your ignition interlock device and could potentially be a violation.

On the other hand, if you are part of a 24/7 sobriety program, you no longer have any choice about whether you drink alcohol or not. You are expected to submit clean breath samples throughout the day, not just before you try to drive, as with an ignition interlock. Obviously that means you cannot drink at home, out on the town, or anywhere.

In most cases, an ignition interlock requirement (and even a 24/7 sobriety program) doesn’t last forever. While it may be inconvenient to refrain from drinking with friends, the benefit is that you can continue to drive. The device gives you back your life, almost as if a DUI never happened, essentially restoring your freedom to choose your own adventures in life, as long as your driving adventures are sober ones.

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