Can I Get a DUI if I have an IID?

DUI with an IIDAfter a DUI or drunk driving conviction, the last thing you want to do is get into more trouble, especially if you have an ignition interlock requirement. You may still question the fairness of your conviction or just have questions about the limits of your device. Just bear in mind that any violations you accrue will result in further consequences.

Those consequences could include more time with your interlock or losing your access to the device and your vehicle entirely. Usually, a violation is the result of failing the testing process or some other small reason that is quickly fixed, never to be repeated. Once in a while, however, a violation is the result of the offender’s lack of judgment, again.

You can get a DUI if you have an IID if:

  • You have been drinking and try to start your vehicle with an interlock installed. Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will be recorded by the device and you will be prevented from driving. That will be a recorded violation. In some states, your BAC reading could result in another DUI charge on your record, even if it is less than the legal limit. Just because you have an IID that won’t let you drive under the influence, you still can’t get around the legal definition of a DUI.
  • You are caught driving another person’s vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. You will also be found in contempt of your ignition interlock requirement, and face additional penalties for your actions. Your interlock requirement isn’t optional, no matter how easy it would be to drive your friend’s car home from the bar.

No matter the questions you have, once you have an IID requirement, your answer is always to remain sober when driving. You can get a DUI with an IID, all it takes is too much to drink and the mistake of thinking you can still drive yourself home.

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