Celebrating Sober Driving with Holiday Glee

sober driving through the holiday seasonEither you love the holidays, or you cannot stand the holidays. Either way, they are almost over, and you have a lot to be proud of like you have not had any problems with a DUI so far! Right? Mistakes happen, and they happen a lot more frequently during high-stress times, like in December when we are so busy doing for others that we forget our normal safety routine when drinking.

Instead of beating yourself up later, let’s try a few of these:

  • This year, let us all be present for Christmas, and make sure nobody is driving home if they have had any drinks. Today is a gift, and so is sober driving.
  • Let us try to plan our parties and gatherings with an understanding that not everyone will be able to drive home safely, so we must make those calls ourselves. The holiday spirit can take away keys just as easily as it hands out drinks. It is called balance.
  • We can use our collective holiday cheer to raise money for DUI prevention programs, like MADD.
  • We can simply pledge to drive sober this holiday season, and mean it all year long.

We are not trying to take the fun out of the holiday season, but we know enough about DUIs, drunk driving, ignition interlock devices, and the devastation of impaired driving to remind you of what you stand to lose when you drink and drive.

Happy holidays to everyone, and may the coming year be one filled with fun, friendship, and more rolling good times than rolling retests!

From our ignition interlock elves to your family, we wish everyone the happiest of holidays, the seasoniest of seasons, the wonders of winter, and the security of safe roads. Enjoy these good times and keep fighting the sober driving fight.

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