You Have a Full Week of DUI Decisions

DUI decisionsHappy Tuesday, how is your hangover?

This kind of week only happens every few years, where there is no pause between the Christmas and New Year holidays, just a few weekdays that nobody is taking seriously. There is a sense of intoxicating freedom in the air this week, or maybe that is the intoxication of alcohol. After all, with only a few days until Friday, when we start the New Year’s celebrations early, there’s no real reason to stay sober, right? DUI decisions can make or break the rest of your life. Literally. There is no “hair of the dog” that can fix a hangover built on regret.

When we take advantage of the time off during the holiday season, a lot of us will continue drinking like there is no work tomorrow. Whether or not you need to clock in, you may want to remember that drinking and driving is still a crime, and still deadly, even during the holiday break. This complicates the week of fun you had planned because each day is just one more of those DUI decisions you have to make.

Remember that even if you drink and get a few hours of sleep, you could still be intoxicated from the night before. Morning-after DUIs are still a thing to be aware of, especially if you tied one on the night before and lived to battle your morning commute.

When you have a week of DUI decisions to make, that is a nice handful of days to make the right decision. When you don’t drink and drive, you don’t have to worry about court costs and ignition interlock devices. There’s no panic over the past and how you could have done things differently. Choosing not to drink and drive means you made the right decision, one that saved lives in the process.

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