Your California Ignition Interlock is No Joke, Fool

California ignition interlockPeople who drink can be funny. Not funny, like a comedian or golf superstar funny, but funny in the way that they sometimes think they can drink and drive. In a land known for its entertainers and performers, we can all take a little sage advice from those who have faced a very unfunny future: California ignition interlock devices are no laughing matter.

A California ignition interlock requirement means that you have been convicted of drunk driving at least once. There is nothing funny about drunk driving, which is why you now have an interlock; so that you don’t try for an encore incident. The California ignition interlock device is designed to keep you from drinking and driving by measuring your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If your BAC measures above a preset limit, then your ignition is temporarily disabled. If the BAC comes back too high during a rolling retest (after you have started the vehicle and are driving), then you will be gently reminded to pull over and shut off your vehicle.

Trying to fool your interlock device will just get you into more trouble. There is no amount of air from a balloon, a friend, fangirl, or fanboy that will get you out of a new role: ignition interlock violator. You may think it isn’t a big deal to blow your test like that, but you’ll either end up with no interlock and a suspended license, a longer time requirement with the device, or consequences like jail.

Jail isn’t funny, neither is drunk driving.

Instead of being the funny face behind the wheel, you can pretty easily turn things around by finding a safe ride home. When you fiddle and fool with your California ignition interlock, you become a punchline that nobody really gets anyway. Be smart, silly, and sober, and keep your ignition interlock drama to a minimum.

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