Weird DUI Plea: Save the Paws!

weird DUI save the pets pawsWe hear a lot of weird for DUI stories, and a lot of weird DUI pleas (beer battered fish, anyone?). However, we do not often get a chance to see how drunk driving can subsequently affect the lives of our furry, feathered, or finned friends. With the exception of this ad, of course:

Of course, it was refreshing to see a recent editorial take on the problem of those drunk drivers who are drinking while driving. That’s a DUI so dangerous that it takes a minute to realize that people still DO drink alcohol while driving (it is technically still legal in Mississippi). Otherwise, there would be no reason to beg driving drinkers to stick with cans of beer, not bottles so that their pets’ feet were not affected when empty (and broken) containers became litter on the sidewalk.

Breathe. Dogs, litter, cars, and alcohol do not mix. You’re not crazy.

Also remember that if you drink and drive while you have a dog or other pet in the vehicle, you are endangering their life, too. Your pet, much like a young child, has no choice but to ride along with you when you are intoxicated. For their safety, if not for yours or the safety of others on the road, ditch the drinks before you drive. You could have an aggravated DUI charge that reflects animal cruelty, on top of any other drunk driving consequences, like an ignition interlock device.

When it comes to DUI and our pets, remember that we are the ones who have to make the choices. So, let’s not drink while driving, or drink and then drive, let’s not litter, or try to get drunk on goldfish. Let’s keep all of the weird DUI things to a minimum so that we can enjoy our time with our animals, not missing their happy faces.

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