Those Crazy DUI Breathalyzer Cheats Won’t Work

DUI breathalyzer mythsWhen heading out for a night on the town, you make sure you have your keys, wallet, phone and hopefully a game plan for a safe ride home if you’ll be drinking. For some, the checklist is a little fuzzier, and when there’s alcohol, that fuzziness can be too much to handle. Fortunately, a few people think they have a solution, just in case they have to drive themselves home. They know how to beat that DUI breathalyzer test, or will do anything to try.

A DUI breathalyzer test is the device that you are prompted to blow into when stopped under suspicion of drunk driving. It is a law enforcement officer who asks you to blow and if you refuse, they can still arrest you for drunk driving, adding extra charges on top of a DUI as a result. Your breath sample contains the proof that you’ve been drinking and just how much you’ve had, by measuring your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Where people may get confused is thinking there is a way to change the DUI breathalyzer reading, whether by keeping a few pennies in their mouth when blowing, by eating their clothes or trying to stall for time before blowing into the device.

Granted, the latter could help reduce a BAC reading somewhat, but the other two are DUI breathalyzer myths, along with just about any genius idea to beat the device. Also, anything you do once you are asked to blow into a DUI breathalyzer can be used as the probable cause needed to arrest you for a DUI. After that, you’ll be compelled to provide a BAC sample while in jail. It should be noted that none of these myths work for an ignition interlock device, either.

If you’ve been drinking, your best way to beat a DUI is to not get behind the wheel and drive yourself home. Instead, call a taxi or a friend to help you navigate your way through the fuzziness and safely into your own bed.

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