Criminals Beware: Michigan’s “Super Drunk” Law is Hardcore

ignition interlockThere is “drunk,” and then there is “Super Drunk,” at least according to the law in Michigan and being “Super Drunk” is nothing to look up to, despite its comic book name. Since no state in the U.S. condones drinking and driving, yet, each state has to consider the needs and perspectives of its residents; Michigan’s “Super Drunk” law reflects a really tough stance on drunk drivers in the state, particularly first-time offenders with more than twice the legal blood alcohol limit (BAC). In short, there is nothing super about being “Super Drunk” in Michigan.

Michigan’s “Super Drunk” law was enacted in 2010, focusing on hardcore, first-time “operating while intoxicated” (OWI) offenders who tested at or above a .17 BAC level.  When convicted of being “Super Drunk,” in Michigan, you will have two pretty strict consequences to face with your Super Drunk Driving sentence: a year of documented alcohol rehabilitation (treatment programs or self-help) and a one-year ignition interlock device requirement. Before installing the ignition interlock device, however, you won’t be able to drive at all for 45 days. Plus, your “Super Drunk” fines are higher than normal and you might face more time in jail and more community service hours.

Everyone looks up the heroes in their lives, but, in Michigan, being “Super Drunk,” doesn’t come with a great costume, super powers or signal in the sky.   Since these laws focus on people who are drinking way more than a round or two of drinks after work, the message is to keep any and all drinking under control. Even Superman has his kryptonite, and if you are unable to make the right choices after a few drinks, it may be a better plan to call one of those super heroes you know you can always rely on: a designated driver.



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