The Crushing Penalties and Fees for a Mississippi Aggravated DUI

Mississippi Aggravated DUIRegardless of which state you’re driving in, chances are their DUI laws have had a recent overhaul. DUI laws all over the country have been reworked to increase the severity of their penalties and hopefully discourage drinking and driving. Mississippi aggravated DUI laws are no exception to the rule, and, in fact, are among some of the most debated and severe in the country.

Any DUI in Mississippi is taken seriously. Penalties are never a slap on the wrist, as you can see by the mandatory ignition interlock requirement for all drunk drivers. When you are charged with a Mississippi aggravated DUI, the penalties become downright debilitating.

A Mississippi aggravated DUI occurs when the driver under the influence:

  • Has a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level.
  • Causes property damage.
  • Has a child in the car.
  • Drives through a school zone, or drives a school bus.
  • Already has previous DUI convictions, especially if they’re within the lookback period.
  • Does not have a valid driver’s license.
  • Causes serious injury or death.

If you’re convicted of a Mississippi aggravated DUI your legal penalties compound. The financial aspects of the penalties alone can put you in debt so far that recovery will be difficult. Not only must you pay any fines levied against you, but you might need to pay for an alcohol safety program, higher insurance premiums, the installation of an ignition interlock device, court costs, attorney’s fees, and more. Your costs can climb over $15,000 for one DUI. On top of that, you have jail time, license suspension, and lengthy probations and community service requirements that all must be met.

With costs and penalties like the above, the smarter decision is to think ahead and not drink and drive. If you want to drink, make sure there is another sober driver available or that you have the number or an app for a cab service available. $20 for a cab ride home could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. Be responsible and always have a backup plan in place to get you home safely.

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