Your Designated Driver Would Like to Remind You… 

designated driverThere are plenty of reasons why people drink alcohol, and in many cases, it seems that alcohol is more available than any other type of beverage. Moments of celebration or stress, our genetics or struggles with addiction are often used as reasons why we drink. Despite concerns over alcoholism, research shows that heavy drinkers are not always alcoholics, and those excuses to drink may not be covering up a deeper issue with alcohol, after all. Heavy drinkers are, however, at risk for more than a hangover the next day, which is why your designated driver would like to remind you that your risk of drunk driving is virtually eliminated when he or she is at your side.

Your designated driver would also like to remind you that:

  • Even if you are below the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit, you are still dangerous on the roads.
  • If you chug drinks before driving, your BAC will rise as you’re behind the wheel, even if you felt perfectly fine before driving away.
  • You’re putting your life and the lives of others at risk when you choose to drive yourself home after drinking.
  • If you decide you’re not going to use a designated driver, you should get ready for the consequences of a drunk driving conviction, including an ignition interlock device.
  • If you are questioning whether you can drive home safely, just ask your designated driver. The truth may hurt, but, not as much as a drunk driving crash.

There may be plenty of excuses about why we drink, but, there are no excuses for anyone to drink and drive. Your designated driver is a friend, and a person you can trust to get you home without judgment about your habits or actions. Sometimes, all we need is a reminder that even on our worst night, we’ve got a friend we can trust to get us home safely.


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