Did You Know: Virginia Ignition Interlock Devices

virginia ignition interlock VASAPVirginia is one of a majority of states that requires an ignition interlock device for any DUI. In fact, the Commonwealth is so committed to the devices that it will even take over your federal DUI supervision, allowing you the opportunity to install a Virginia ignition interlock instead of having to sit out a suspension from the government.

There’s more. Virginia ignition interlock law states:

  • Your first DUI requires you to enroll in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) program and install an interlock on any vehicle you drive.
  • Two or more DUIs means you need to install an interlock on any vehicles you drive or are registered in your name
  • Even if you qualify for an employment exemption, you still have to install an interlock on your vehicle.

VASAP, the agency that monitors your ignition interlock device, has an 18-point list of rules and regulations that you should be familiar with. Violations of those points could result in you going back to court or being removed from the program. You’ll then have to serve out the full time of your license suspension.

Also, in 2016, Virginia began to only allow ignition interlock devices with cameras, as an added layer of protection. The cameras snap a photo each time the driver blows into the device, ensuring the identity of the driver when a vehicle is started, and confirming that person continues to be the driver until the vehicle is turned off. That prevents circumvention of the process and keeps DUI drivers from repeating mistakes.

Virginia has an impressive range of services for DUI drivers, helping prevent any further incidents across the Commonwealth. That means the state is committed to ending drunk driving, once and for all, and is a stellar example of how a state can create, implement and continue to expand ignition interlock efforts to keep residents safe.

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