DUI “Taxes”

DUI Taxes costs for drinking and driving


In 2000, the NHTSA developed formulas for estimating the true number of vehicles being operated by drivers under the influence of alcohol. That year, there were over 2 million alcohol-related crashes that killed 16 thousand people, and injured over 513 thousand people, accounting for 26% of all vehicle crashes.  When crunching the numbers, the extra cost of each alcoholic beverage consumed, as related to the monetary and quality of life costs associated with a DUI is $1 for drinkers who drive and 60 cents for non-driving drinkers.

Recent statistics put the percentage of alcohol-related crashes at 31%, however, the overall DUI rate has dropped due to tougher DUI laws that impose fines, alcohol education classes, mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices, and public awareness campaigns.

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