Early License Reinstatement with a Colorado Ignition Interlock

Start driving again in Colorado with an ignition interlockWaiting is difficult for even the most patient person, especially after a Colorado drunk driving conviction. Not only are you facing all of the court fines, fees and other consequences,  your license is suspended and you have to rely on others to get you around town. You can understand why you’re not supposed to drive, at least for a while, but, when you truly regret your actions and know you’ll never drink and drive again, you’re probably ready to get back on the road to a better life. That’s where Colorado’s “early license reinstatement” policy saves the day.

In states like Colorado, an early license reinstatement could be easier than you think. With an ignition interlock device, you’re essentially taking back the control over your own life after a DUI. You’re able to get yourself back and forth to work and keep your family routine intact. Plus, you are showing the court that you’re responsible, that you’re sober when driving, and that you’re making positive steps in your recovery. All it takes is installing an ignition interlock device on your car or any car you drive.

Early license reinstatement policies encourage positive behaviors after a drunk driving conviction. While nobody looks forward to using an ignition interlock, the benefits of the devices go beyond simple transportation. In exchange for the start-up and rolling re-tests, you’re continuing on a positive path toward recovery after a DUI. That increases your chances of never attempting to drink and drive again, since you are living your life as normally as possible and you know you don’t want to backslide into another DUI.

Nobody likes to wait, and it can be even harder to wait for the chance to get your life back after a DUI. Colorado understands, and is offering you the chance to jump-start your recovery and get back on a better road where sober driving is, happily, your only choice.

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