Easy, Peasy, DWI Squeasy: New Mexico and the Drunk Busters

Drunk busters reports New Mexico DWIsThey say it “takes a village” to raise a child, and there are definitely times when that village can also be a resource for adults… like when they’re out on the roads and driving while intoxicated. Reporting a drunk driver can be as easy as calling 9-1-1, but, in New Mexico, there’s an even better way to get the jump on a drunk driver by incorporating the “village” of safe drivers who are tired of being at risk on the roads.

Drunk Busters is a dedicated hotline for reporting a suspected DWI on the roads in New Mexico. By calling the toll-free number or entering #DWI on a smartphone, safe drivers are directly connected to Drunk Busters, where information about the suspected DWI incident, location and driver is shared. From there, local law enforcement takes over, quickly reducing the risk on the road and helping to keep the 9-1-1 line open for other emergency situations.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New Mexico is not taken lightly, and a convicted offender can face plenty of consequences. Jail time, fines and court costs are levied on all offenders, and even with only one DWI, there is an ignition interlock requirement. The state has taken strong action against drunk drivers, and has seen a reduction in those numbers, especially with completed interlock requirements. Since an ignition interlock can only work once it is installed after a DWI, Drunk Busters is a vital service for finding drunk drivers and keeping them from repeating their crime.

Making it easy to find a drunk driver also makes New Mexico’s roads safer, giving us all a more promising future. With Drunk Busters and similar programs across the country, we’re all part of that “village” that keeps giving everyone the safe gift of sober driving.

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