Energy Drinks, Alcohol and Your New Ignition Interlock Device

Energy drinks alcohol and ignition interlock devicesBack in the day, it wasn’t odd to see a coffee cocktail consumed after a meal. Irish coffee or coffee liqueur was favorite night cap, allowing a person to wind down and stay alert after a big meal. Today, we see that same combination in bars and restaurants, and in our homes, only more people are turning to non-coffee energy drinks as mixers with their favorite alcohol. Unfortunately, that burst of energy may be increasing the chances of drunk driving and an ignition interlock requirement.

We love our energy drinks; they’re a breath of fresh air needed to get through a rough day at work or to ensure we’re alert as we drive home for the day. The problem is that false sense of alertness from the energy drink can mask just how intoxicated we are. We feel totally okay to drive because our energy level is up, especially in comparison to the effect of a regular type of alcoholic beverage or two. In truth, we’re just as intoxicated and our judgment is just as impaired as we would be without the energy buzz, too. An energy drink cocktail isn’t going to stop you from drinking and driving, either, and you’ll very likely end up with an ignition interlock, criminal record and a whole lot of legal buzz killers.

On a side note, energy drinks will not affect your ignition interlock test result, unless you’ve also been consuming alcohol.

Energy drinks and alcohol may seem like the perfect solution for anyone with a busy life who just wants to relax with friends. Just imagine how much busier you’ll be when you’re facing a DUI in court on top of the administrative consequences for drunk driving. If you think the extra energy from those mixers just adds into your fun time, then be sure to have a plan for a safe way home so you can enjoy your night out without a worry about what the next day may hold.

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