Even if You’re Cheap, You Need an Ignition Interlock

ignition interlockWe all have ways of cutting corners when money gets tight. Some of us are so good, that we’ve been called “thrifty” or even “cheap.” While it is always a great idea to have a budget or financial plan in place and have the ability to save money, one thing you never want to think about cutting from your bills is your ignition interlock requirement.

Ignition interlock devices come with a cost. They aren’t cheap, but, they aren’t very expensive, either. They have plenty of benefits for your wallet, even if you don’t want to pay for one. Considering that an ignition interlock device makes sure that you’re able to keep your job and make all of your important appointments related to your family and your drunk driving conviction, not having the device may end up costing you money. That’s the opposite of being cheap, and that’s not going to benefit you while you’re trying to move past your drunk driving conviction. In fact, until you get a “cheap” ignition interlock, you’re probably going to end up paying more in public transportation costs, and the frustration of bumming rides from your friends.

Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes a few cheap beers can lead directly to a drunk driving conviction. From there, you may not have much of a choice except to pull out that wallet and pay for your crime and an affordable (not cheap) ignition interlock device in order to keep driving. Even if you’re facing an ignition interlock requirement and the costs associated with its installation, monthly rental and de-installation, you can always count on the time requirement ending at some point in the future, which will put money back in your pocket, as well as a strong reason to never drink and drive again.

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