Financial Assistance for Your Texas Ignition Interlock

Financial assistance Texas ignition interlockThe holiday season is the most active DWI time of the year. From “Blackout Wednesday” through New Year’s Day, there is an increase in drunk driving incidents and fatalities on roads across the U.S. There’s also a financial impact that hits home during that time as offenders are faced with holiday expenditures and the cost of a DWI conviction. That’s where financial assistance for a Texas ignition interlock device may be an option during this stressful time of year.

The Texas ignition interlock code specifically addresses offenders who may need financial assistance.

Texas Transportation Code § 521.246. Ignition Interlock Device Requirement:

(c) The person shall obtain the ignition interlock device at the person’s own expense unless the court finds that to do so is not in the best interest of justice and enters that finding in the record. If the court determines that the person is unable to pay for the device, the court may impose a reasonable payment schedule for a term not to exceed twice the period of the court’s order.

Since Texas recently expanded it’s ignition interlock access for all offenders, even those who may have wanted to install the device but could not afford to. With financial assistance, DWI offenders can now opt for the device when it isn’t ordered by the court and have an easier time retaining employment and getting back and forth to other important places. That means the impact of the cost is reduced by both the monthly payment and the ability to continue to earn a paycheck.

The holiday season can be challenging for even the most sober of drivers. Adding in a DWI and its associated costs can make life even harder once the dust settles. Of course, staying sober when driving is the best way to ensure a happy, stress-free holiday. But, if you make a bad call after midnight and end up with a DWI, know that your Texas ignition interlock costs won’t ruin your new year.

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