When Your Friend Borrows Your Ignition Interlock (and Car)

friend-borrow-ignition-interlockGood friends are hard to come by, and after you’ve been convicted of a DUI, some of your friends may have stepped back while you began rebuilding your life. Other friends, the great friends, have stood by you as your conviction was handed down, you attended any programs that were ordered and you had an ignition interlock device installed on your car. Perhaps you felt pretty lucky that you were given a “second chance” by the court on top of the support of your friend. Now that the dust has settled and you’ve gotten the hang of your ignition interlock, what will you do when your friend wants to borrow your car?

You should let your friend borrow your car.

Even with an ignition interlock, anyone with a legal driver’s license can operate your car. If your friend does not mind blowing into the device to start your car and can safely perform the rolling re-tests, there will not be a problem. Make sure that your friend understands that in order to keep you out of trouble, they have to submit a breath sample whenever prompted – and that they cannot, under any circumstances, drink alcohol and then drive.

As a reminder, never ask your friend to submit a breath sample for you if you’ve been drinking. You could end up in more trouble, and your friend could have some legal charges to answer to as well.

Life after a DUI isn’t difficult, especially when you’ve got a good friend along for the ride… or, the drive. Your second chance is more than your ignition interlock – it is realizing that even when you’ve made a bad choice after too many drinks, you’ve got a friend who’s got your back and will be with you, no matter what.

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