How Ignition Interlock Devices Help Texas DWI Offenders

Ignition interlock devices help Texas DWI offendersDrinking and driving is serious. It endangers lives and can even lead to prison under certain circumstances. But a Texas DWI offender has an alternative to prison: a way to to remain legally on the road after a drunk driving conviction. This alternative is an ignition interlock device.

Ignition interlock devices keep the streets safe from drunk drivers.

Keeping up with family and life obligations is next to impossible when serving out a prison term. That means the impact of prison is not just on the DWI offender, but on those who rely on them for financial, physical or emotional care. Aside from other crimes that can occur as a result of a Texas DWI, including the death of another or serious injury, prison may be an outdated consequence for many drunk drivers. When you consider that Texas now allows all first-offense DWI offenders opt into the ignition interlock program and that the devices are required for all subsequent DWI offenses, the streets are much safer.  In that sense, ignition interlock devices keep people out of prison and able to resume their normal lives. That is a benefit to Texas on all levels.

People who are allowed to live their lives, even while monitored by an interlock, continue on in a positive direction in life. That means jobs are kept, bills are paid, medical appointments are attended and all other aspects of life continue to benefit families and the entire state of Texas. All it takes is the regular testing of an offender’s breath sample and the proof that they are sober while driving, as a result, to keep Texas prisons from overcrowding and the roads safe and sober.

An ignition interlock device is a solution for those who are ready to take control of their lives after a DWI. Instead of facing a prison stay that keeps life on hold, the devices allow more people to make up for their mistakes and keep living a safe life on Texas roads and across the U.S.

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