“I Drove without My Arizona Ignition Interlock!”

Don't drive without your Arizona ignition interlockWhen you have an Arizona DUI, you are expected to follow your court order to the letter. That means your ignition interlock requirement is essential in the process, and not something you can blow off… even if you’re just running down the street to the store. Arizona requires ignition interlock devices for all DUIs, even a first-time offense.

Driving without a required Arizona ignition interlock device means your requirement will be extended an additional year from the original date you were eligible to have the device removed. So, your quick drive results in your extended commitment to sober driving with the interlock.

That is just one violation of your ignition interlock requirement. You could also face similar consequences for failing the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test too many times. If your device records data that shows any circumvention or tampering, you could be in violation. Refusing a startup or rolling retest are also violations, all of which could mean your requirement is extended or that you are removed from the program entirely.

“I was also intoxicated when they caught me driving without my Arizona ignition interlock device.”

Unfortunately, now there are even more obstacles in your path to regaining your freedom. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the number of offenses on your record, you will certainly have an extension in the program, if not a complete removal. Plus, you’ll have all of the additional penalties for a second or subsequent DUI. The reality is that the interlock requirement was there to prevent this very situation, and now you will have to face those very real consequences.

Even if you don’t like your interlock, your best way to get through the requirement is to use it as directed and calmly wait for the day it is uninstalled. That’s the day you can look forward to driving from the service center without another thought to your interlock.

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