Is Your Ignition Interlock Device Showing?

ignition interlockAn ignition interlock device isn’t usually something that people want to shout about. After being convicted of drinking and driving, and installing an ignition interlock device (IID), most offenders are ready to just get through the time requirement with as little attention as possible on their mistake. An IID isn’t necessarily the worst thing that could happen after a drunk driving conviction, and with more states adopting laws that require IIDs, they are certainly becoming a more common sight on the roads.

If you have just been ordered to install an IID, you’re probably wondering how many people will know about your conviction, because of the IID requirement. An ignition interlock device may be tough to hide when others are riding in the same vehicle, but, how easy is it for anyone else to know you’ve got an IID installed?

  • In states like Ohio and Minnesota, you may have “whiskey plates” or DUI license plates on your car as part of your conviction. Those can definitely indicate that you have an ignition interlock device, and they spell out how you got the device, too.
  • Law enforcement officers can run your plates and will see that you have an ignition interlock requirement.
  • When you submit a breath sample while your car is in motion (a “rolling re-test”), others on the road could observe your actions and see your IID.
  • Your IID service provider will see, of course, and in the data reporting process, others in the court system or DMV will know.

An IID gives you the opportunity to correct a mistake and continue to live life your way as much as possible, a fair trade when you consider the damage that could have happened. Even if others know that you have an ignition interlock requirement, keep in mind that you are really just showing your commitment to staying sober while driving.

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