Ignition Interlock Tampering in New Mexico: Will I Go to Jail?

ignition interlockTampering with an ignition interlock device can run you into plenty of problems. Considering that you have to use the device because you were already convicted of drinking and driving, any attempts to tamper with an ignition interlock loosely translate into you trying to drive while intoxicated again. This perception is as true in New Mexico as it is an all states, and since your ignition interlock will be the “tattle tale” of your tampering, it is just best to serve out your requirement with as few “bumps in the road” as possible.

New Mexico requires ignition interlock devices for all DWI offenders. They are a “go-to” solution for preventing further DWI incidents, and they help keep you out of jail. With an ignition interlock device, you learn new behaviors and habits concerning alcohol and driving, so, when you tamper with the device, you are indicating that you might need more time to fully benefit from its use. You may not face jail time for ignition interlock tampering, but, you will have more time added onto your ignition interlock requirement before you can fully restore your driver’s license.

With more ignition interlock devices on the roads in New Mexico, undoubtedly, there are fewer reasons to require jail time for a DWI conviction. Respecting the devices by not tampering with them, not attempting to circumvent their purpose and using the device as ordered sends a strong message to the court and to lawmakers about how effective interlocks are in keeping the streets sober. Even though you’re probably not going to get jail time if you tamper with your interlock, your job after a DWI is to fulfill all of the requirements of your conviction. That means once you’re able to drive with an ignition interlock, tampering with it should be the last thing on your mind.

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