Maryland Needs Ignition Interlock Devices Now!

Support Noah's Law - expanding Maryland Ignition Interlock requirementIn April, Maryland rolls up the legislative carpet and heads home for a break from the arguments and challenges of government. Being a politician is hard work, and we are sure the State Representatives and Senators deserve a break – so, why not make that drive home a little safer before this session ends by enacting an all-offender ignition interlock law in the state?

As the April deadline approaches, we have a few points to keep in mind when considering your stance on beefing up the current law in Maryland:

  • Your law enforcement officers support the legislation, also known as “Noah’s Law.” They’re on the front line of drunk driving, and definitely could use the additional security.
  • You already have most of the program in place with your existing ignition interlock guidelines, you just have to lower the standard, so to speak, to include all offenders.
  • You could join Virginia and West Virginia in first-offense ignition interlock law triumph. Bragging rights in this case are well earned.

Maryland, you’ve had the ability to enact an all-offender ignition interlock law across your state since 2009. You have already seen the results of your current law and how it is working to keep your streets safe from drunk drivers. With a mandatory requirement for all offenders, there are even less opportunities for another tragedy to affect the lives of the public or those who have sworn to protect and serve that public. “Noah’s Law” ensures that the dangers faced by law enforcement during a regular shift or routine traffic stop are eliminated by a simple piece of technology.

Let’s all do our part to get Maryland up to speed with a better stance on drunk drivers across the state. Contact your Maryland State Representative and Senator to voice your support for the pending ignition interlock law (“Noah’s Law”) and safer streets for everyone.

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