In Michigan, Drunk Driving Can Cost More than Your License

ignition interlockAfter you get your driver’s license in Michigan, the last thing you want to do is lose it. One of the fastest ways you can lose your license is to drive while intoxicated in the state, but, people still keep drinking and driving. It seems simple enough to stay sober when driving, but, not everyone makes responsible choices. That’s why Michigan will take more from you than your license if you are convicted of driving drunk.

Even the first offense of driving while intoxicated in Michigan can land you in jail. Offenders can be in jail for up to 93 days and have to serve up to 180 days of community service once released. Your driver’s license will be suspended, as well. That means you won’t be able to drive for the first 30 days after your release from jail and then your driving will be restricted for another 5 months. Additionally, 6 points will be added to your driving record and you will be responsible for court costs, fines, and a $1000 “Driver Responsibility Fee” for 2 years.

If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .17 or above at the time of your arrest, the penalties are more severe. A first “Super Drunk” offense in Michigan will get you up to 180 days in jail, double the fines, and suspended driving privileges for one year. At least one year will be spent in an alcohol treatment or self-help program and you will have to use an ignition interlock device (IID) for up to one year if allowed restricted driving privileges.

Repeat drunk driving offenders in Michigan face increased charges and penalties, and you could lose your license for a year (or more). Your license plate will be confiscated and your vehicle will also be immobilized unless it is forfeited. This is in addition to jail or prison time, community service, fees, and fines.

Michigan is a state that loves its cars and the experience of driving, and losing your license will take away the freedom you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Simply stated, if you stay sober when driving, you’ll never have to worry about losing your license and facing any other drunk driving charges in Michigan.

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