Missouri’s New Ignition Interlock Device Employment Exemption

Missouri ignition interlock employer exemptionMissouri has a unique way of managing its first-offense DWI drivers, especially those who were convicted with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) between .08 and .15 percent. In these cases, before an alleged offender even gets into court, they can forego an administrative license suspension if they opt for an ignition interlock installation. Then they can roll into court and prove they are committed to never repeating their mistake, and will be DWI free, hopefully forever.

What if your job requires you drive? Your employer may be understanding about your DUI conviction, but may not be ready to jump at the chance to have a company vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device. Since this conflicts with one of the biggest reasons to install an interlock (to remain employed) Missouri has recently passed a new bill for an ignition interlock employment exemption through both legislative bodies.

Essentially, the new ignition interlock employment exemption will allow an employer to vouch for their employee, and their sobriety while on the clock at work. As long as they are informed of the DUI conviction and understand their responsibility in the event of another DUI, the employer can allow an employee to drive a company vehicle without an interlock, but only on company time. The exemption does not apply to business owners with a DUI conviction, as that would allow them to circumvent the interlock requirement.

With the new exemption, both employers and employees can be assured of continuing their vocational progress while assuring everyone that the person driving that company vehicle is sober, even without an ignition interlock device attached. Now that the bill has passed the Missouri legislature, all we need is the signature of the Governor for everyone to have the freedom and security needed to keep on truckin’.

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