How Much Does an Ignition Interlock Device Cost?

Cost of an ignition interlock deviceFaced with the high cost of a DUI or other drunk driving conviction, it’s difficult to think of paying even more money just in order to drive. But if you cannot drive, you have a harder time getting yourself back and forth to work, earning that paycheck that helps pay for your DUI. The cycle is difficult, but not impossible. That is where you can rest easier, knowing that an ignition interlock device does not cost as much as you think, and the payoff is priceless.

Ignition interlock devices are manufactured according to guidelines set down by the federal government. Some states specify the cost of the device, but in most states the charges vary. To find out what you’ll be paying, you’ll need to contact an ignition interlock provider in your state. You should always do your research when looking for the best deal, since some ignition interlock service providers can charge hidden costs and fees. The more you know before you start, the more frustration-free your experience with the device will be.

Research has shown that the daily cost of an ignition interlock device is not much more than the happy hour drinks that may have led you to your DUI. So, for a few dollars each day, you get the assurance that you are compliant with your drunk driving conviction, and the court system feels better about you driving, knowing you are sober while doing so. The device is economical so that it is a viable option for all concerned parties, not to add on to the financial burden of a DUI.

An ignition interlock device may not be on your list of items to get, but if you are faced with a DUI and need a way to get back on your feet faster, the device is definitely an investment in your future. Nobody can put a price on safety, and even the cost of an ignition interlock is nowhere near the risk you take when you don’t install the device at all.

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