New Mexico Ignition Interlock… Checkpoint?

New Mexico ignition interlock checkpointWhile New Mexico ignition interlock law is tough, one of the biggest problems the state faces is the enforcement of those laws. Just because a court has ordered a DWI offender to install and maintain a New Mexico DWI, that doesn’t mean they’re following through. That does mean the streets aren’t as safe as they could be. New Mexico mandates an ignition interlock license and the installation of the device for anyone convicted of a DWI. The ignition interlock prevents the vehicle from starting if it registers a BAC greater than .025, thus preventing a person from driving intoxicated.

In April, New Mexico has pledged statewide saturation checkpoints in an effort to keep people from DWI driving. A saturation patrol is a police or military patrol tactic wherein a large number of officers are concentrated into a small geographic area. Saturation patrols are used for hot-spot crime reduction, DUI checkpoints, and other location-specific patrols. The other benefit? Saturation checkpoints often discover people with outstanding warrants, suspended licenses, and ignition interlock requirements.

If you have a New Mexico IID or if you question whether you’re okay to drive home after a few drinks, now is the time to step up and do the right thing, before you find yourself at a saturation checkpoint or worse. If convicted for DWI in New Mexico, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device on every vehicle you drive for a minimum period of one year. Additionally, if your license is revoked for violation of the New Mexico Implied Consent Act, you may apply for an interlock license.

If convicted, the court will order you to obtain an interlock license. This is a special driver’s license that prohibits you from driving a vehicle without an interlock device. If you have an interlock license on record¬†and are pulled over by police in a non-interlock equipped vehicle, you will be arrested and charged with driving on a revoked driver’s license. You may also be in violation of your probation and face jail time.

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