New Mexico’s “Take” on DWI Offenders

ignition interlockIf you had a choice between an ignition interlock device or losing your car after a DWI, you would probably choose the ignition interlock device. Most of the time, a first-time DWI is the result of a bad decision to drink and drive, and when faced with the reality of that choice, plenty of people willingly use the ignition interlock device to get back on the road and resume their lives. New Mexico requires ignition interlock devices for all offenders for two reasons – either the DWI was a one-time mistake, or, the offender has a habit of drinking and driving. Either way, the ignition interlock device takes the risk off the roads, making life easier for everyone.

Options like immobilizing or seizing a vehicle that was being driven during a subsequent DWI in New Mexico may seem like an equally effective solution, but, that penalty does involve some problems. Removing complete access to a vehicle can be difficult for a family that relies on it for transportation, and if that vehicle is owned by someone other than the DWI offender, that person can lose access to their own car. Ignition interlock devices, on the other hand, allow a family the ability to resume its day-to-day activities, and there is less chance of a DWI offender borrowing a car when that owner knows they have an interlock requirement.

A DWI offender with more than one conviction may require more strict interventions than the first-time offender, but, the reliability of ignition interlock devices are still the best way to ensure a driver is sober behind the wheel.  New Mexico gives DWI offenders the chance to keep driving, even after a second or subsequent offense, as long as an ignition interlock device is installed. Instead of risking your vehicle, taking on the responsibility of an ignition interlock is the best way to get around after a DWI.

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