Oh Florida DUI Drivers, We Could Just Kiss You

Florida DUI kiss and kickFlorida may not be the most dangerous state for drunk driving, but it does tend to have some of the best Florida DUI stories. For instance, the lady who tried to kiss a law enforcement officer who had pulled her over as a DUI suspect. As sweet as that is, the woman was past the level of intoxication where mood management is a consideration; she allegedly tried to kick the law enforcement officer afterwards.

When it comes to a Florida DUI traffic stop, here’s some guidelines you can use to get through the process and kiss your troubles goodbye:

  • Remain calm and listen to the law enforcement officer.
  • Understand that refusing Florida DUI testing is a legal violation, even if you are sober.
  • As long as you are sober, you should be on your way quickly.
  • If you are intoxicated and charged with a Florida DUI, you have 10 days to appeal your license suspension with the DMV.
  • You may want to look into your options for an ignition interlock device.

FYI: the “drive thru baggie” method of getting around a sobriety checkpoint isn’t a smart option, either. In many cases, those who try that poorly-advised tactic just end up with a much closer inspection of their vehicle and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) as a result.

Florida never disappoints when it comes to drunk driving headlines, but the other side of that is the very real danger of drunk drivers on the roads. Florida DUI laws may be changing this year to expand ignition interlock access, but until that is a done deal in the state, we can all do our best to keep the streets safe. A designated driver can do wonders for your fun night on the town, and could even prevent any kissable or kickable moments that occur after you’ve had too much to drink.

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